About Jeremy Flowers

Since realizing my passion for photography early on in my career, I’ve endlessly pushed myself to continuously pursue and explore the many aspects of photography and photographic lighting. This drive to maximize my creativity, technical savvy and overall knowledge of photography has been the driving factor which has allowed me to acquire a vision for architecture, interior design and lighting design unlike any other. My style has best been described as “lustrous” and works amazingly well when applied to residential homes, resorts, spas and hotels. I place the focus of my style on the specific design factors which make each space unique, allowing viewers the opportunity to explore the space’s natural sensuality with the intimacy of personal solitude. I have always worked as hard as I can, not only to be the best at what I do, but to truly enjoy doing it. This approach allows me to stay consistent in my creativity and offer affordable pricing to my customers and clients. My work ethic is always to the point and professional. Please feel free to make contact anytime to discuss your upcoming projects and to make arrangements for budget estimates, I’ll look forward to hearing from you soon!